the crowded corner

more RV's arrive the next few days...

Thanksgiving dinner at David's home, Rebecca serves up

We had about 8 of us for dinner

l to r, Sarah, David, Kate

some of the dinner crew and guests.

We had a terrific day to drive the 290 miles from our friends (Lee & Sheila Dodd) home in Alabama to Pointes West Army FAMCAMP near Appling, GA. The drive took us through some rolling hills of east Alabama and south, but we also had to drive through Atlanta. Not our favorite city to drive through but she did it well. In fact, Rebecca drove 100 miles, Dave drove about 80, then Rebecca went the last 105 or so. She's such a trooper.

We were surprised to find the campground was busy, but our reserved space was held for us. We love that spot at the end of the street on the turnaround. We'll be here for only a week before we'll be moving to Fort Gordon and the Leitner Lake FAMCAMP. So our setup isn't a full blown patio. We found the lake to be way down from where it was last year. Last year, it was 7 to 8 feet down from it's usual elevation, but now it is a full 15 down! Wow!

We'll be in the Augusta, Georgia area till Jan 3rd. We have many things to do while here. To include, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Dave's birthday (12/12/12), son David's Promotion to Major, and some sight seeing. So stay tuned.

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