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Puno Plaza de Armas, baroque Cathedral and neatly trimmed bushes

Statue of some bloke in Plaza de Armas (nice weather though)

Puno and Lake Titicaca from Huajsapata Park

First Inca Manco Capac looking out over his birth site

Puno graffitti

The ¨Bad Boys¨ have a cup of afternoon tea

Obi Wan Denis led the battallion of cuddly toys to safety

A quick 6 hours bus ride to Puno, which included a snack, video and bingo. The winner gets a free return ticket to the starting location (not that much use really) but more importantly had to sing a song to the bus. Quality. Thankfully none of us won.

Puno is not that special to look at but it is the best departure point to visit the islands on Lake Titicaca. See next entries. But what was special was the Roonster and the Cable TV we had in our hostel. Sarah and Rachel have bought pan pipes. They need to practice. Puno does have to it´s credit though a good local handicraft market.

2 day Lake Titicaca trip tommorrow. At 3830 metres above sea level it is the largest lake in the world above 2000 metres. They tell you that it is the highest navigable lake in the world but this isn´t true.

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