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Little Blue Heron seen on a airboat trip on Lake Myakka.

Aligator on the shore.

Great Blue Heron.

Anhinga. Like a cormorant but they don't have oil glands so can't...

Them aligators are everywhere.

Big Aligator on the shore.

Big Aligator on the shore. Estimated to be about 14' long.

Tricolored Heron, I think.

Snowy Egret. Love the feet.

Another aligator.

Great Egret

Anhinga and a snowy egret.

Tricolored Heron, I think.

Heron in flightt.

Trees and spanish moss on the road to the lake.

Deer along the road.

Seen on a walking trail.

View from the top of a structure over the jungle canopy. Barb...

This is the structure that we went to the top of.

Great Blue Heron.

Great Blue Heron landing.

We started our park tour on the boat tour of the Upper Myakka Lake on a airboat powered by a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado engine that was very quiet. We saw the now familiar Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Ibis, Snowy Egrets (with bright yellow feet, also called golden slipper birds), tri-colored Egrets, and Osprey and many alligators, one about 14 feet long and another little one about 2 feet long.

After a great lunch at their cafe, we carried on to two of theie nature walks. The birdwalk pier was pretty but did not show us anything new. We also went on their canopy nature trail that included a 30 foot tower climb to a catwalk 25 feet long over to another tower that then climbed up to 75 feet and gave a fabulous view over the treetops over the whole park. We continued on the nature trail and spotted one wild pig out of the 2000 that apparently in the park. We saw many deer on the drives between trails but none when we were walking.

We stopped at a bridge viewpoint and saw a huge gater sunning himself. Crowds of people stopped to see him but he never even blinked, he sure wasn't concerned about us.

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