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Black Vultures seem to be everywhere.

Black Vultures seem to be everywhere.

Tiny Geckos are all around the walkways.

One of the walking trails.

There are aligators in every waterway.

This is our first armadillo.

Myakka River State Park campsite.

Sign at the back of our Myakka River State Park campsite.

We started the morning with a pleasant walk along the nature trail from the boat basin, and watched a while at the boat basin to try to spot the manatee again. The fish were still jumping but we could not spot the manatee. We did see an alligator, about 3 feet long, so maybe that was why we couldn't see the manatee.

We packed up and headed into Naples to find a Verizon office to make a payment on our jetpack package again as we were running out of data allowed for the month. We needed to find out if we could bump our package to the next level or what our other options were. The instructions with the jet-pack said to use the broadband potal on our device to add data limits but the jet-pack does not have a portal. Garry tried calling Verizon help-line but could only get pre-recorded same information as the book. He tried calling the local offices in Naples but both lists office numbers connected to National Payment Office with no option of talking to a person. We spotted a Radio Shack so attempted to get the information from them, with no luck, but they had another phone number for us to try. We go back to the bus and tried it and were able to get customer service rep to answer our question and explain how we needed to proceed to add more to our data limit. She said we could do it at the Radio Shack but when Garry tried after waiting half an hour for his turn but the manager there did not know how so said that they could not do it. Soo...we headed for the Verizon store. Luckily it was pretty easy to find and a parking spot was also found easily, and off to the store. The clerk there went through all the problems and roadblocks we had, and went through all the ways to make the payment and ran into the same roadblocks and a couple more we did not have. After about half an hour calls to head office it was determined that the only way we can pay is with prepaid Verizon cards, which they do not sell. I had one ready for the cell phone so she tried it and it worked. Hooray! Three hours killed to just pay a simple bill. We walked to the corner drugstore, bought a prepaid Verizon card and hit the road.

We headed north to another State Park at Myakka River near Sarasota, Florida. As we pulled into the driveway we spotted our first Armadillo. This is the largest State Park by area in Florida and has prairie, salt marsh, fresh marsh, two lakes and a river. It should be a pleasant palce to visit.

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