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I have started reading another book. It is about a guy and gal who give up what seems to many others to be an ideal lifestyle, with a home and a good job, to go off and hike the 2165 mile long AT (Appalachian Trail) from Georgia to Maine.

He writes of “Hiking Your Own Hike” but he is really saying “Live Your Own Life”.

It seems that so many people today continue to live a lifestyle that Society deems “normal” and instead of enjoying life to the fullest, they remain in a job they don’t care for, being bored, and allowing the joys in life to pass them by.

Before they realize it, they have become old, and it is too late to do those things on their “Bucket List”.

It is sad that so many people die without ever having lived.

In the book I am reading, many of the author’s friends, relatives and co-workers ask him “Why?’

Most think he is crazy! I wonder how many though, secretly envy him for choosing to live a life they wish they could live.

It seems to me that making a decision to live the RV lifestyle is similar in many ways.

How many of us had relatives, friends, or co-workers who thought we were crazy to give up a house, a good job, cars, etc, to go off and live in an RV?

How many times have we heard someone say to us, “I could never do that”, “I have too much stuff!”

As he says in the book, “Each person must Hike their own hike”.

Live Your Own Life!

I just want to shout out a word of encouragement to those who dare to live life their own way and seek happiness and joy in the life they choose.

OK, I’ll climb down off my soapbox and let you know what is happening in our RV life today.

We are mostly staying quiet because Marilyn needs another 24 hours of doing nothing.

I left early this morning, after we shared some coffee, and drove to the local Ford Dealer. They took care of the Recall Notice on Marilyn’s car and in about one hour I was off to the Barber Shop nearby.

With my mane freshly shorn, I walked next door to Basha’s Grocery to pick up a few items including a steak to grill for dinner today.

Back home, we showered and dressed in comfy clothing (Comfy clothing is the only kind we own) and relaxed with our books.

We had a surprise phone call from an old friend. It was great to hear from Ponch, and to hear that he is doing well. I gave him some info he asked about and we talked for quite awhile. He is spending this winter in Florida.

Jesse & Ginger stopped by to let us know that we were having a Happy Hour at Bob & Janet’s Site. However Bob & Janet were not home yet so Jesse & Ginger sat outdoors with us until Bob & Janet returned. Then Bob & Janet joined us at our place. Trent & teresa were doing laundry and did not join us.

Once the group broke up, I grilled a couple of steaks while Marilyn cooked up a broccoli & cheese casserole.

After dinner we relaxed with some TV and looked forward to a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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