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Back home we swam in our beach last ..what a life!

We had another awesome day in Hawaii. We spent most of our day in the water. We went beach hopping and swam in eleven different areas, ending up at Makaha Beach. Makaha Beach is wide and sandy with great snorkeling. It has lots of room/peace and quiet, beautiful water, and two lifeguard shacks.

Every beach park on Oahu is lovely and well maintained, but this is special because it is quiet and somewhat isolated and still safe to swim in with two lifeguards.

One of the beaches we stopped at on the way here was dangerous. The lifeguard caught me just as I was walking into the water and warned me. He said people had broken backs from swimming there, only highly experienced swimmers were allowed, so we left that one. :-)

We had a WOWSER day swimming in so many beautiful areas. I am adding a paste of information about the beaches in Ouha.


The island of Oahu has a coastline of about 112 miles (180 km). Oahu beaches are diverse and there is something for everyone – there are many great beaches for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking and relaxing. Most beaches on Oahu are sandy, and some have an offshore coral reef. A few beaches have little or no sand but are nevertheless popular, such as Shark's Cove, an excellent snorkeling and diving spot in the summer months. Beach sand in Hawaii comes in all kinds of shapes and colors. Read more about Hawaiian beach sand composition.

Oahu is home to popular Waikiki Beach, which is busy year-round. Oahu North Shore beaches such as Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline are some of the most popular surfing beaches in the world, where waves can get as high as 40 feet (12 m) in the winter months. And Hanauma Bay on the southeastern shore is one of the best snorkeling beaches on the island.

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Check back later for more from Hawaii.

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