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Houston International Quilt Show #1 (Eleanor Burns)

Houston International Quilt Show #2

Houston International Quilt Show #3 (Gabby)

Houston International Quilt Show #4 (This is INSANE !!!)

Houston International Quilt Show #5 (Totally made of thread)

Geocaching up a Tree #1

Geocaching up a Tree #2

Geocaching up a Tree #3

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights (Kermit, Gabby & Mike phooning)

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights (elfing around)

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights (a cool projection)

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights (feeling like kids)

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston Zoo Lights (wild bunny)

Houston Zoo Lights Aquarium (no, it's not upside down)

Houston Zoo Lights Aquarium

Houston Zoo Lights Aquarium

Jen, Lynn and Gabby

Jen, Mike and Lynn

A Christmas gift for Sabrina

Dinner with Connie and Dave

November 3 - December 2/12

We got up early to have a continental breakfast and went down the road to Big 10 Tire to get a new tire, within an hour we were back on Hwy. 59 heading south to San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort in Highlands Texas (near Houston).

Sunday, I got up early to pick up Gabby to go to the Houston International Quilt Show. It was great fun because Gabby is not a quilter she was amazed at all the quilts and things to buy to do our quilting. There were so many quilts that blew my mind. I really got inspired and now have a long wish list. I picked up a few things to make my quilting tasks easier.

On November 7, Mike and I went to see "Here Comes the Boom" with Kevin James. It was a good movie for that type. Did some shopping after the movie.

Gabby has a new fire pit and we had the first fire in it. We made up some Margaritas (Connie and Dave’s recipe). It was a nice night to sit out and see the stars.

On Saturday, we were out and about, shopping and caching, we got a flat on the truck coming off the ramp of our road for the campground. We had some help from a passerby and had to wait until Monday to get it fixed. We went back to Discount Tire because the tires are under warranty. We decided to get the tires rotated and balanced as we changed the tires around there was another nail in another tire (but not flat yet). All is well again with our tires and the warranty works.

On Tuesday, Gabby, Vicky, Lynn and I went to get a pedicure and manicure. We had lunch at Applebee’s and then spent the day over at Vicky’s place. Lynn is a medium and she was reading some friends of Gabby and Vicky’s. It was very interesting. I really enjoyed my talk with Dr. Rick. He is a naturopathic doctor and gave me a great technique to massage my sore shoulder (rotator cuff) and it is working giving me some relief.

Friday, we went back to Gabby’s for another fire and Margaritas with Lynn this time, again another great night for a fire.

We’ve been hiking and geocaching around Houston, two caches were high up in trees that Mike climbed to get. One was going to be a first to find but as we signed the log another person had already got the thrill of first to find, aarghh!!

Wednesday, Mike and I went to see "Life of Pi" and it is a very good story and photography of the movie was well done. I was happy to see it on the big scene.

Thursday, we spent the day with Gabby at Vicky’s for Thanksgiving. Instead of the traditional turkey and fixings, we decided to have T-bone steaks, fried mushrooms and onions, potatoe patties and asparagus. We watched football and read all the sales ads for Black Friday.


Gabby’s good friend Lynn was in from England and we did a few things together. She is a medium and she did an excellent reading on me. Thanks Lynn, I will never forget the words you told me.

Mike and I went to see Hotel Transylvania, a nice movie for the kids and big kids.

Gabby’s gift computer wasn’t working and Mike was able to send it back to HP under warranty and get it back in time to help her get it set up. She was so thrilled.

Gabby’s senior dog Sabrina was having a hard time with the stairs to her RV, as her Christmas present Mike and I built her a ramp for the new deck. It flips up to get out of the way of the stairs and then when in use, they flip it down for Sabrina to walk down. It only took a few training times before she got the hang of it.

On November 29, Gabby, Kermit (friend of Gabby), Mike and I went to the Houston Zoo Lights to get into the Christmas season. It was great to see the lights and some of the zoo animals were out. The zoo had a small aquarium too that was cool. Gabby and I took a ride on the carousel, felt like a kid again. The zoo was over run with fearless rabbits.

November 30, Mike and I met up with Connie and David (we met them two years ago at TTRV) just outside of Houston at Texas Roadhouse. They were there because their daughter had a baby. We really enjoy their company because we have so much in common.

We invited Gabby over for a lasagne dinner, a very enjoyable evening before leaving for Bandera.

Campground Notes:

Good Sam on daily $35.00, 379.00/monthly + Electric, 189.00/weekly, 399.00/Month for river view. E-50a/W/S, concrete

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