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Letters to Home:

" Sunday morning sucked! I was awoken by howler monkeys, which wasn’t all that bad. If you can find audio online you should hear them, they make the strangest noises. I think the red howler monkey is the kind we’ve been hearing. My stomach was still bothering me since the Imodium hasn’t worn off yet. We ate breakfast and got ready for a hike and to see the wallow in which peccaries make that collect fish and other creatures. We spotted some spider monkeys and brown capuchins nearby the offices at the beginning of our hike which was neat. I was mad that my camera battery was still charging and I didn’t get pictures.

As we kept going, we had to cross a rope bridge (two ropes for your hands and one for your feet), to get over a fairly deep pond. When I went across, my boots slipped and I was left hanging right in the middle not able to reach the foot cable. Joe tried to go out a far as he could to rescue me in his waiters, but it got too deep. I lost my grip and fell in. Was not happy at all, but I tried to be a good sport and laugh it off. It’s really important to stay dry out here because infections can develop a lot faster here and if your feet are wet for too long, you’ll develop sores. So I, yet again, missed out on another hike. I was pissed but was happy I didn’t have my camera on me! Matias, a Peruvian student who’s been helping out a lot and knows the station walked me back another way in soggy boots and clothes to get back to the bathhouse and change into something dry.

Killed time reading about behavior and primates while I waited for the group to return for lunch. Saw an otter and a bunch of birds from the office and even saw an agouti when I went to the outhouse. Everyone got back around 1pm, and said they got lost a bunch of times and I didn’t miss anything.

I ate and cleaned the clothes I fell in the muddy water with, although it’s about the same water I cleaned with, haha! I read a bit more then my group and I went out to mark the slopes we would be surveying. I went out on the canoe with Chris since he’s good at steering, and Jen and Will went by land to tell us how to mark the trees (we used tape to tell us how steep the slopes were so we can see by water at night). They ended up hoping on the canoe too at one point since the area we were approaching had tall grass that we couldn’t get through. We floated around for a bit, headed back, ate, and now we’re gonna get back in the canoe around 9:30pm to test the lamps and see if we can read the tape from the middle of the lake. I will try not to get eaten, haha! Gotta take the night time canoe trip every night until we leave though, so say a little prayer! Nighttime in a tent can be a bit scary though! You hear weird noises, animals are walking around your tent, and it is darker than dark here. True black out!

Anyways, we went out and saw a lot of glowing eyes in the distance but whenever we tried to get close the caiman would go under water. We saw a lot of tadpoles; they swim together in a large ball I think to make them look larger so they don’t get eaten. I finally was able to use the rest room since the Imodium wore off. Unfortunately I felt the urge on the boat and we all paddled like mad to get to the shore! Kinda funny, but I wasn’t having too much fun at the time, haha! Wish you were here!"

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