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Letters to Home:

" We packed up our tents and bag and heard howler monkeys during breakfast. We also noticed a dead tarantula near our tent! We got back on the boat for 2 more hours and finally reached Cocha Cashu where we’ll be staying for about 10 days! We set up our tent and just in time because it started pouring down rain shortly after! My stomach is hurting from taking too much Imodium since the bathroom at the ranger’s station was gross and I didn’t want to use it, haha!

We met up in the office building and discussed what we’ll be doing tomorrow, and he also gave us equipment for our research. We got our compasses, 2 spotlights, measuring tape, orange marking tape, and 2 snakebite kits. We also got our own little office!

It started raining and Dr. Beck said it was the best time to bath since the water’s clean. We all got in our bathing suits and jumped off the pier. I was a little nervous because there are piranhas and caiman, but I survived… this time! Haha! My research team, Jen, Will, and Chris (who is now working with us), and Joe (who isn’t on our team but decided to join), all took the canoe out. By the way, I gotta get over my fear of canoes with caiman around me! Ahhh! I went to type while they went out and saw one floating around by the grasses. We watched it hunt a bird, which managed to escape death.

As I was sitting in the office building, a tree fell really close by and it was so loud I thought it was gonna come through the roof (which is made out of palm leaves and bamboo by the way)! It was so incredibly loud, and now I’m scared to sleep at night! I was scared of the caiman, but now I fear falling trees even more! Also fearing bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. It’s far away from me and Jen’s tent and I don’t wanna get eaten by anything! Wish me luck! I’m not trying to die during this trip!

The internet was down by the way, so I wasn’t able to talk to you guys sooner. They only turn it on about 8-9 or 10 at night. I guess it’s just to prevent everyone from overusing the power, which is solar. I hope you guys are all well."

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