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We got up around 4am and loaded up the boat with our belongings. We left around 5-5:30 and it took us 3 hours before we stopped at a small town called Boca Manu. Along the way we saw a lot of birds, another sea otter, and three peccaries. Boca Manu had nasty bathrooms, I mean feces all over the place and no toilet seats, so we had to pay to use another bathroom located by the store which was clean. There we a lot of chickens, dogs, and a few guinea pigs running around and we found this huge beetle the size of my fist!

We left, and went to this park station where we had to sign in so we could enter the Parque Nacional Del Manu. We got back on the boat, and ended up being on it for a total of 12 hours! But we saw a lot of animals on the way. There were many birds and turtles, and we also saw caiman (one of them was gigantic but was dead on the beach), and we were lucky enough to see approximately 100 peccaries walking along the shore!

Okay, anyway, we ended up at this historical rangers station, apparently the first in Manu that no tourist can go to. It was dark, and they told us to put our tent inside this old building that was falling apart (the stairs we almost all broken). I was tired and ended up skipping dinner and just went to sleep.

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