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All set up for the holiday with the Eastern Boomer Banner

Great shot of Turkey Day group at the Chamber's Farm Pow Wow

The whole group....32 of us..Boomers, Boondockers and Guests

The Boomers in attendance

All lined up dry camping

One of the artisan's wares

Serving the Pow Wow guests Turkey dinner...took 1 1/2 hours!!

Escapee Turkey Dinner

Our host Nathan Colter

Our hostess Cynthia Lee Colter holding a Certificate of Appreciation for the...

Hanging out at the campfire

Goodyear paid us a visit

The entrance to the annual multi-nation indian pow wow

All flags represented


Hamming it up

Cynthia in traditional dress

Lots of color, beads and feathers

Dancing to celebrate

Dancing to honor

Dancing to give thanks

JC in the veterans parade

Receiving line for the veterans

We are spending Turkey Day with the Escapees (Boomers & Boondockers) at the Chamber's Farm Pow Wow at Fort McCoy, FL. We attended 2 years ago and decided to join in the festivities again. Cynthia & Nathan Colter are fantastic hosts. We really appreciate them making this a holiday to remember.

The Escapees received a certificate of appreciation for 5 years of attendance and volunteer service to help in the Pow Wow's success. The honor really belongs to Cynthia and Nathan for their dedication.

Attendance this year is 16 rigs, 32 souls. The weather has been very nice during the day, but a little cool at night. Low 70's and low to mid 40's dropping into the 30's for the next couple of days. It is definitely time to head south.

I would like to thank Tom McLlwian for the wealth of information about boondocking in Florida. Although, we are set for this winter, we will be taking advantage of all the advice in our future travels in Florida in years to come. For information, check out the Escapee BOF Boondocker's website.

And, finally, we have received great news from JC's daughter, Sarah. They are pregnant! A second grand baby! That is just so awesome!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Only 29 more shopping days 'till Christmas!

We are headed for a week at Cedar Key! Daytime highs in the low 70's and nighttime in the low 50's. Sure beats the low 30's here in Fort McCoy. In fact, there is a freeze warning tonight. Cedar key is only about 80 miles south.

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