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Dinner last night was another Italian restaurant and one of the cooperatives run by the Zapatistas. Rafa has shared much information about this movement which is very interesting. Bruce had us all peeing our pants laughing with his theories on how to pick up women. When asked how to pick up men he said "you go to a pub...." We waited for the rest but that was it.

My bed had two wool blankets and a quilt and I needed all of them. There's no heat and the "fresh" mountain air is down right cold.

Theresa and I were up early and searched for breakfast. It seems this town likes to sleep in. We finally found a place on the second floor overlooking the town square. The food was good. The coffee...okay.

4 of us were picked up by a van where we met an Israeli and another Brit and we headed down the mountain for the canyon where we boarded a motor boat. Thankfully, it was much warmer here, even only an hour from the city. We thoroughly enjoyed some fantastic views of the Chiapas canyon which at some points soars 1,000 metres over our heads. We saw some huge crocodiles, lots of birds and even a few spider monkeys.

After spending an hour exploring the town we headed back for San Cristobal where Theresa and I went with Carina and Daniel to wander. Food markets, clothing markets, toys, linens, chocolate stores were everywhere as well as old churches and other beautiful architecture. After saying "no gracias" many times I finally gave in and bought some macrame stuff from some ladies walking around with arm loads of merchandise. I probably paid too much but people here are so poor and I am so blessed. A couple of hours later we found a coffee shop where I tried a cafe de hoy. Apparently it's made in a stone pot which spices and it's absolutely delicious.

Back at the hotel I enjoyed a long HOT shower, quickly checked facebook and met the whole group for dinner. Tonight was Argentinian and most ordered steak. 8 pm is just too late for me to eat a big hunk of meat so I had empanadas. Rafa's steak looked like a roast but he ate the whole thing. Not bad for a little Mexican!

Again, some headed out to the bars and a few of us went back to our rooms.

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