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Tending the seasonal leaf burning...Alexandria, Nate & Dad (Steve, Bev's Nephew)

Lara, such a happy person

Team work

Nate & Alex

Good times!

Alex battling her aligator.

Elks Lodge, Tallahassee

Amazing Bengal Tiger at the Tallahassee Museum


There is a zip line for kids and one for adults...very cool

Careful Steve

Vultures are really not that ugly up close..pretty feathers

These dinosaur sculptures are sprinkled throughout the park

I did not know that fox love to sleep in trees

My favorite



Old Tallahassee Capital Building is a museum today

Grand staircase

The governor's furniture and office

Very dramatic monument

Staircase in new Capital Building

This is above the next photo

The rotunda in the new tower Capital Building...22 stories!

Great art show on the 5th floor

Sculpture, water fall and tower in the background

Sculpture depicting the history of peoples of Florida at the Historical Museum

Giant armadillo

One of the first RV's

Great visit in Tallahassee, FL. Best part of the visit was catching up with my nephew, Steve (Jr.) and his wife, Lara, 5 year old Nathan and 3 year old Alexandria. Steve and Lara are very dedicated parents. Their children are so much fun. Full of life and happy little creatures. Lara is amazing with them. JC and I got exhausted just watching her go with the flow with her two very energetic and well mannered kids. Looking forward to another visit sooner than later.

We started out staying at the Elks Lodge, but lost power overnight. This lodge is a little older. The camping area is among quite a trove of trees. We could not get satellite or see the wifi. We did have full hookups, but our main power cord is having issues.

We only stayed one night the Elks Lodge. Sunday night we parked ourselves at a Camping World in the area. We plugged in, and wouldn't you know it the power was working. We are still having things checked out. We had a couple of other little things we wanted done. Long story short, the massive 50 amp plug was replaced on our main power cord.

We stayed a second night at Camping World because we found a Cat Dealer just up the street that serviced RV's. We had been having issues with the tach going crazy intermittently. Along with that, we wanted the codes checked for the couple of times the Engine Service light flashed on and off. Hate those intermittent things. They are really hard to test and confirm if an issue exists or not. Well, no issues and we were current on the computer updates for the trans and engine. We did need a new serpentine belt.

So two nights free camping, but repairs/service cost a total of $620.30. I needed to do some grocery shopping for our upcoming Thanksgiving at the Chambers Farm Pow Wow with the Boomers. So, with permission, we stayed our 3rd night at the nearby Walmart.

While the rig was being worked on at the Cat dealer we visited museum which was really a zoo, science and park. It was called the Tallahassee Museum. It is really a wonderful family park focused on history, science and animals for kids.

While the rig was being worked on at Camping World we headed for downtown and visited Tallahassee's Old Capital, the new Capital and the History Museum.

Tallahassee's capitals are not fancy. Functional is the best word I can think of. The old Capital building is nice. The architecture is unique as are all of our capital buildings. The old Capital building is used as a museum. We spent at nearly 4 hours reading everything. For some reason the history and presentation was captivating.

The new Capital Building is very unattractive. Does not look like a Capital building at all. It is one of 4 in the U.S. that is a multi-storied tower. This one is 22 stories. The old and the new are situated one in front of the other. At the top, they say on a clear day you can see all the way to the Gulf Coast. Alas, not today.

The Tallahassee Historical Museum was really well done. JC could not believe it was free. They could easily have charged an entrance fee. It is located one block down behind the Capital Tower.

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