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Lima Peru

We arrived in San Jose only to get a shuttle right out again to the suburb of  alajuele. The hostel run by an ex mr universe contender and his gorgeous dog while well placed had another shifty death trap of a shower and things that scuttled in the night. A quick whizz round the town scare,I mean square ,was enough and after beers and food an early night for the airport in the morning. 

Copa airlines was blooming lovely. Haven't a clue about their safety record but good food, free beer, stewards in aprons and movies made the hop from costs rica to panama and then to Peru painless indeed. 

Our hostel in Mia Flores was right in the heart of the suburb and Ricardo the handsome floppy haired surfer owner amused us with tales of being kidnapped by guerillas with guns in Nicaragua....

Lima is a great city. Huge, cosmopolitan and a fan of a garish casinos and funky street art  Rules of the road are beep hard, 3 cars to a lane and mounting pavements is totally ok. 

We saw the catacombs of the st Francis convent, a lot of old bones and wandered through Chinatown  .Apparently the place to go if you want to buy a hacksaw. We played Peruvian menu roulette. Every dish to contain salt, and watched the para gliders flirt with death over the highway. 

No one seems to mention the cats. Hundreds of them in the park. Just sat there. Like the ad with the opposable thumbs? Weird. 

Rested, regrouped and better at table tennis we are off to huacachina. An oasis for dune buggying . Almost a shame as we had just got to liking those hot showers again . Its much cooler here in south America which is cheaper for us as we no longer have to buy an extra seat on the bus for my hair. 

Big dog breakdown:

Lima: huge noisy desert city with decent surf ( I'm pretty sure he just read that in the lonely planet)

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