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We woke to another beautiful sunny and hot morning. Donna claimed she was up to witness the sunrise about 6:00amish but it wasn't that spectacular so climbed back into bed, reaffirming her belief that sunrises are overrated and she is going to commit her photography skills to sunsets instead!!!

Our full schedule for the day includes swimming, reading, eating and lazing around - the Wayne and Donna version of a quadathlon!!! The days have all dawned with blue skies and by about 2:00pm it clouds over and we have a burst for a few minutes of sprinkles here and there. The pool is still clean and clear and cool so we took advantage of it often.

We met a couple of Aussies at happy hour that said they have been coming to this resort for several years. Business has dwindled over the years so they were pleased to see some guests here this year.

Often we see women walking out into the lagoon in front of the resort and found out that they are fishing for fish and octopuses. They are apparently fairly successful and either sell their catch at the local market or use it for their own family food. One night we noticed someone walking out in the water in the pitch black. Every once in a while we could see a flashlight shine. According to our waitress these are women that are out spearing sleeping fish. Wayne says he has never heard of pit-lamping fish so wasn`t really sure she was giving us the straight goods. Donna just thought it sounded spooky - good thing she wasn`t a Fijian woman or we would have starved to death!!!! No walking in the ocean with creapy fish and slimy, icky..........things in the dark - not a chance!

Last night in paradise - see you soon.............................over and out!

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