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sunset first night

blue skies and warm breezes

home sweet home until home

I was up early to try and get a jog in before it got too hot. I headed off to see a resort just up the way Donna had learned about from the travel agents touring yesterday. About 3 k's down the road I find a much bigger and busier resort but a possible dinner place as their menu was quite extensive. Across the street was a pub with a big deck and the music was pumping out with 3 customers and it was 930am!! After a look at the menu and convincing the bartender I didn't have money with me he agreed it would be ok if I came back later. I guess when he saw me jog past he felt I looked more like a drinker than a runner. After a slow and increasingly painful slog back I arrived to find breakfast had ended 10 minutes earlier and no food till noon. I limped home to break the news and found my bride reading in bed and totally unconcerned with breakfast as that would mean getting up. The pace of the day was set and it wasn't fast forward!!!`

We have now met our neighbours, a young couple from Aussie on one side and an older couple from Belgium on the other. There are also an East Indian group from New Zealand and an older British guy travelling with a young native girl and 2 kids as well as a French couple who pretty much keep to themselves. We spent a lazy day by the pool and headed off to inspect the other resort before stopping at the pub for dinner. As we were the only customers we had a nice long chat with David our bartender. He comes from some island east of here that takes 24 hours by speedboat to reach. He told us the island is self sufficient in every way but he came to Fiji to get his education and is partway through his engineering degree. He was a very charming and nice looking young man and I had to be firm when I told Donna she couldn't bring him home as a souvenir. We walked home (one of us pouting) and were in for our fourth shower of the day as you can work up a sweat breathing here. Luckily the fan cools off the room nicely for sleeping.

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