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Our first morning in Fiji was very humid and more than a little warm - not that we are complaining, mind you! Loaded down with our packs we set off for the bus stop to find a bus to Nadi and then on to Tambua Sands Resort (another Lonely Planet suggestions which made us a little nervous based on what we had stayed in last night!).

A bus came by as we hit the stop and it was busy but we squeezed in and we were off. This bus had no glass in the windows which actually worked as the wind coming in kept us cool although I don't know what happens when it rains. I asked a cop seated in front of us where we caught the bus to Korolevu and he said no worries we were heading to the bus station. Minutes later we pulled into a large field filled with buses coming and going. The cop pointed at a ticket booth so we shuffled our bags over there and as it happened the bus was leaving right away. Before we knew it we were pulling away and were soon out of Nadi and on our way around the island.

We had got very sketchy directions to our resort but the bus driver had recognized the name when I had asked him if this bus went there. We chugged through the rural countryside for over an hour then turned towards the coast and came to Sigatoka bus terminal where we pulled in and stopped. Most of the bus passengers got off as there was an outdoor market right beside the bus stop. Too late we realized that most of them were picking up yummy looking fruit and snacks for the rest of the trip. As we had intended to eat breakfast in Nadi but were on the road before we knew what happened we had not eaten and tried real hard not to stare and salivate as everyone around us was eating.

A few minutes later the driver jumps on and off we go. The resort had told us they were just past the Outrigger resort, down a hill, across a bridge and there they would be. We passed the Outrigger, went over several hills, crossed numerous bridges but no sign of our place. Eventually the bus pulled over and there it was all by itself at the beach. As the bus pulled away we had our fingers crossed that this was okay as we were not sure how we would leave it if it turned out to be no good. We had reassured ourselves that we always had the Outrigger as a fall back but it was some distance away. As we were both sweating like pigs in the humidity the idea of hoisting our packs and walking back was not a pleasant one! Luckily the resort was good with a dining room/bar and a clean pool but with no other guests in sight. Our cabin was right on the beach with an overhead fan and windows with screens - yippeee, fresh air!!! Eventually we discovered there were 5 cabins being used out of the 24 or so available.

We dropped our bags and headed to the dining room as we were famished. By coincidence a dozen travel agents were touring the resort and also came in to eat. It didn't seem that they were prepared to feed that many at once as it took forever to get our food and by then we were thinking the napkins looked mighty good! After lunch we settled into reading and swimming which was going to be our jobs for the next 3 days. The crowd at dinner was rather thin so very little atmosphere around the place. Three musicians started to play Fijian music (which is a definite step up on Mexican music!) so that livened the place up somewhat. A nice lowkey evening in a nice lowkey location.

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