Ed showing Jerry how to hook the car to the RV

He showed him how to do the brakes too..

Almost ready to roll...

We are ready to go...

Last one...we thank you much..Ed!!

Today is a very exciting day. We have found the perfect car for us located in Sarasota, FL. We drove from Jacksonville today and paid for it and towed it home. Yippee!

We had been searching for a car for a while when I saw an ad on the American Coach Yahoo Group. They listed a Honda with all the towing equipment already installed, even the braking system.

The car is in excellent condition, it has been very well cared for. They even had the exact motorhome we did. They had sold their coach and had just placed the ad to sell the car. What a blessing it was for us to find it.

Now we can tow the car behind on our trips instead of me having to drive behind in the car. We are very happy campers. :-)

I am adding a few pictures of Jerry learning the ropes. It certainly was a blessing to have someone show him how to hook the car to the RV. Check back later for more from Florida.

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