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One must eat at McDonald's in every place if only to check out the differences so this morning I went there for break fast. There were some interesting variations in the menu so I ordered Mexican burritos. They tasted much like Canadian McD burritos. Oh well. Same great coffee!

I made a conscious decision to relax today and checked out the pool. It appears the sun only hits it at noon so I thought I'd try the shuttle to the beach. It's free. Sure, but once you get there you've got to pay 100 pesos for a chair. Oh well. I got half a book read and several beach walks. A fellow with a big camera approached me and asked if I'd let him interview me for a tv spot on Cancun. Why not? I spouted lots of great things about the place, he thanked me and left. Afterwards I thought I'm glad no one I know will ever see it. I can just imagine how much of a bad hair day I'm having.

Next I set out to check out the streets. More walking, checking out various very expensive stores where I just took pictures and stopped at a stall for some fruit. Why is it I can buy Mexican raspberries at home but can't find them here?

Back at the hotel I found my new room mate. Theresa is from Ottawa and I think we'll get along just fine. We met with the rest of the group who include some from Wales, the UK, Greece, Germany, Oz and a Swede. Looks like a great bunch of people! Some of us went for dinner at a traditional Mexican restaurant where I had some Mayan chicken thing that was really good. After dinner we were treated to a special tequila shot, which we had to down and then were given this weird head pat noogie thing by the waiter. I guess that makes us honorary Mexicans?

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