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Artwork at an Iowa rest area...

...depicting corn, pigs, cone flowers, grasses, books, etc,.

Stayed at Ivan's sister's brand new Cedar Rapids condo

The next day we set up for an early family Thanksgiving dinner

Expected about 23 folks

Chad carved the turkey while Faye, Aunt Dixie and Jen worked on...

Chad deep fat fried the turkey; success!

96-yr-old Aunt Jewel with nephew JC Hoyt; 1-yr-old Jordyn in the background

Faye's son Chad Knudtson with Hanna, Dylan, Lily and wife Jen

As our condo-warming gift I helped Faye shorten the bedroom drapes

It was an 857-mile drive from Elmira, NY, to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We stopped halfway in Ohio for the night; Faye welcomed us the next day when we got in about 3:00. As we had driven Interstates and toll roads the entire way, it went well (if boring). The rain only lasted about 4 hours on the first day, stopping when we got to Cleveland.

Sister Faye has a lovely new condo! It was great to see her new place and see how we were able to set up tables and chairs to accomodate 23 of us at the next day's early Thanksgiving dinner gathering. It was a fun gathering of 4 generations of Hoyts, Knudtsons, and more, ranging from a one-year-old to an aunt still alert and fun at 96.

By the way, she celebrated that 96th birthday with her first ride in a helicopter! Her first choice was for a hot air balloon ride but the weather didn't cooperate.)Time went quickly but we enjoyed spending time with Faye, seeing JC after many years and meeting his new bride, Amy, and Chad and family.

Nov. 7th grand niece, Hayley Otterness, drove down from Minneapolis to meet Faye and us for supper at the halfway point. From there we transfered to Halyley's car for the ride up to the Minneapolis area to visit for a couple of days.

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