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Our plan was to sleep in this morning but we couldn’t do it. We sat with our coffee talking about the chores we needed to get done today.

Just like in our previous life, when we worked for a living, there were always chores to do when you were at home.

After three days away we had jobs waiting for us.

I posted the blog for yesterday and then posted pictures for all three days that we were on our road trip.

I then made the bed before going outdoors to troubleshoot the propane problem.

I quickly pinned the issue on the regulator but called Jesse to discuss the problem with him. He immediately sided with me, which bolstered my confidence and we decided to go to a nearby RV parts store in order to purchase a new regulator.

The total cost by the time I also bought the yellow teflon tape to wrap on the threads of the fittings, was $53.00.

Back at the RV Jesse helped me change the hoses from the old regulator to the new ones, skinning his knuckles in the process.

Thank you for your help my friend! I sure appreciate it!

The new parts did fix the problem and now Marilyn can use her stove again.

I knew we had mail at the resort mail room so Marilyn & I rode our bikes to check it out and indeed we did have some mail.

We then rode around the perimeter of the resort before our shaking legs sent a message that we should just park the bikes.

Marilyn wanted to drive to the store and we needed most everything in the way of groceries.

With Marilyn in control we went to Basham’s Grocery and managed to spend plenty of dollars before returning with the car loaded down with food items.

It wasn’t long before we had the groceries put away. Marilyn then started a load of laundry while I wrote a check for the electric bill.

Marilyn was definitely in a mood to “Git ‘er Done” so she went outdoors to clean her car.

Later I used some alcohol to clean a couple of spots from the windshield. They looked like rain drops but I think it may have been some pine tree sap. In any case things are all clean now.

We are the proud owners of a beautiful lantern assembled by our friend, Janet.

I found a way to hang it from our awning and it really looks nice.

Later, in the early evening, I made some oyster stew and we ate that for dinner.

We have had a busy day and now plan to relax, watch some TV, and get another good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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