LTL South America 2012/13 travel blog

Shoo sealion

Blue footed booby


Bendy baby sealions (no clavicles)

Ready for face time?


Extremely well camouflaged Albatross chick

Cliff tops

Brian, resident artist, at work

Heading for take off

Blow hole

Bird whose name I have forgotten...

Another blue footed booby

No clue

Pair of sealions

Family of sealions

Beach full of sealions...

On the look out

Beautiful beach

Motley crew

Final drink

Farewell speeches

Chef & Pinguino

One final visitor

Our last full day on the boat already, it¨s all going by so fast.

First stop of the day at Punta Suarez where Tommy (our fabulous guide) has to clear the landing jetty of a family of sealions so we can land, the father of the group is most unhappy. There¨s a tiny lighthouse leading round to a small cove with sealion pups playing in the shallows under the watchful eye of a large male. More grotesque marine iguanas everywhere plus the local version of the finch and the mocking bird. A short trek takes up to the cliffs and past young albatross chicks awaiting their parents return. The parents have a most unusual take-off technique, they walk the relatively long distance from the nests to the cliff edge and then just launch themselves off the side in a lemming like fashion - it¨s really very weird to watch. Fantastic views across the bay and of the nearby blow hole, bird life everywhere including the Galapagos favourite, the blue footed booby.

Return to the boat for lunch, more snorkelling for the adventurous or lazing around with a book for the lazy (me) and a wet landing in Gardner Bay. Another pristine stretch of white sand almost entirely occupied by sealions. We¨re kept entertained by the energetic actions of the largest of the male sealions who chases all other males up and down the beach without respite for the entire afternoon. Looks exhausting.

A group photo on the beach at sunset, a last glass of wine in the tenders as we watch the sun come down and back to the boat for dinner and farewell speeches with crew and captain. The chef produces Penguino, an artfully creation of melon and various other fruits, we negotiate immediately to take Penguino back to Quito. The boat will take us overnight to San Christobal, our final stop on this short but magical trip.

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