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Me in the snow

Central Park

Moose Diarama - American Natural History Museum

Lion Diarama - American Natural History Museum

Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge

After fleeing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (or Superstorm Sandy as they are now calling it) I returned to New York just in time for a nor-easter which is what they call a large storm coming from the North–East and which generally brings snow. This one didn’t disappoint.

I decided to have a chill day and spent the day in the hostel watching the rain slowly turn to snow. By the time I ventured out for dinner, a blanket of white had settled on the city (and was still falling).

The next day dawned crystal clear so I decided to walk the 30 odd blocks to the American Natural History Museum This time I was staying on the upper west side, not far from Central Park, which unfortunately was closed due to storm damage. The snow showed NYC in a different light, covering some of the grime with the sun bouncing off the snow adding to the brightness.

The Natural History Museum is pretty cool (think Night at the Museum) with their dioramas quite detailed and life like. The American Mammals exhibition had just been reopened after being fully restored and gave you a good sense of what you might possibly see if you ventured out into the wild.

I went and saw Skyfall – the new James Bond movie at Imax and Judy Dench as normal stole the show.

I ventured down to the Brooklyn Bridge but most of that area was still closed due to damage caused by Sandy. I explored more of the village and finally made it to a show – Stomp – which for those who haven’t seen it, was quite entertaining.

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