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The bus from Arequipa to Puno was an interesting one. We got to Juliaca, where there were strikes going on. The locals had blocked all the roads with boulders and broken glass so that no vehicles could pass. Our bus driver could not go any further so we had to set out on our own into the town to find alternative transport.

We found a tricycle to take us to a little compound where minibuses were going to Puno. As we were loading up our belongings, one of the other minibuses returned with broken windows !! The locals had stoned the bus as it had gone past and the bus looked a real mess. The driver of our bus said that we had more chance of getting through if it was just tourists so the locals begrudgingly got off the bus. The driver then demanded more money before the six of us left were allowed to depart. Everyone was huddled in the middle of the bus in case the stone throwing started, but luckily enough there were no stones thrown at us, even though we had to negociate lots of stones and broken glass on the road.

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