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November 16, 2012

Thoughts about the trip.

Generally, a wonderful trip. We kayaked a lot and explored rivers previously unknown to us. Saw lots of birds, took lots of photos, and ate all kinds of wonderful, albeit fattening, foods. Put South Carolina, Georgia and Florida on our RV “map”. Now only missing 6 states.

Had a great time in the Keys with Carlie and Leslie and exploring on our own as well and would go back in a heartbeat – especially if we could mooch off our friends. Would definitely take another trip like this but might avoid the cities next time. Will not go back to Hilton Head but would like to explore the ACE basin and would like to visit some more of the National Wildlife Refuges that are everywhere down south.

Will definitely plan a trip along the west coast of Florida since we loved the Ft. Myers area (and seeing Jay and Lynn) and would like to explore there. The only really negative things were the burrs in the grass in the south that were incredibly sharp, attached themselves to Dixie and our clothing and shoes and were almost too prickly to remove. Then, there was the incredible amount of sand that was tracked into the RV and the tenacious itty bitty ants we encountered in the Keys. Still, we had great weather, missed Hurricane Sandy and had a great time.

But missed our friends and family at home.

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