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November 8-14, 2012 – Emporia, Kansas

November 8 – The part came in today but it was defective so he reordered again.

November 9 – I worked today on uploading pictures to my blog and doing laundry. Sue and I had supper together at Ruyi which is an excellent Asian restaurant located close to campus.

November 10 – Today was the last of the warm weather. I got the grey and black water tanks emptied and worked on captioning the pictures which I had uploaded. For some reason, it doesn’t capture my captions from the Picassa program so I have to copy and paste them into the blog.

November 11 – Sue and I had breakfast together this morning just like old times. The temperature went steadily down all day so after I went to the grocery store I came back here and worked on the pictures again.

November 12 – I worked on pictures again today. I didn’t realize I had taken so many. Carl called me about 6. The part is in, and he will come in the morning to fix the slide. In the meantime, the tray which is supposed to drain the defrosted water from the refrigerator was full. I think it must be frozen on the outside of the coach since it was in the low 20’s last night, but I don’t know where to find the outside outlet so I’ll have him show me that tomorrow so that if it happens again I’ll know what to do.

November 13 – Carl was here this morning to fix the slide. He also showed me where the outlet for the refrigerator drain is. It was not frozen but had become plugged up from all the dust which has been blowing around this summer. He also showed me how the escape window in the bedroom worked. I had been meaning to open it, but I wanted someone around who knew how to get it back in when I did it. I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to close it, but it is very easy so now I know how to do that.

Bev stopped by for a few minutes on her way to meet with John Sheridan. It was good to visit with her and catch up on news. Her Mom is doing well and is in the process of moving into an assisted living unit. Bev and her sister are helping their Mom clean out her home and decide what to take with her and what needs to be disposed of.

I almost finished captioning the pictures today. I’ve got just half of one day’s pictures to do, but I just got tired of working on them so I took a break. I’ll finish those tomorrow.

Carl is getting approval from the extended warranty policy for the part and the labor fees. It will be tomorrow before he gets that. I’m paid through tomorrow night so that is not a problem. I’m now planning on leaving here on Thursday the 15th.

November 14 – Well, I finished the pictures this morning. I also got my bills paid for this month. I paid Carl for his work and made an appointment to get the oil changed in the car tomorrow morning. I’m going to take the car in at 8, and they will bring me back to the coach. I’ll get the coach ready to roll, put propane in the tank and go to pick up the car. I’ll hook up and leave from the garage. I’m heading to Wichita and then down US81. I’m not sure where I’ll get to tomorrow night, but at least I’m headed in the right direction.

I stopped by ESU this afternoon and had a good time visiting with Barb and Phyllis. It was good to catch up with them and what they are up to.

Fun slogan for a business: All you can sweat $9.99 – fitness center,


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