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November 14, 2012

Naturally, if we are at Delaware Beaches State Park, it must be really cold and windy and it is! The wind is blowing at around 40 mph and it was only about 50 degrees today but felt like 34! Walking on the beach, I wore my down parka, a gator over my face, my “ear” hat and ski mittens. Needless to say, it was a little difficult to take photos. When I took my mittens off, I could only last about three minutes before I had to put them back on.

We visited a community of new homes called Lighthouse Crossing in Selbyville, Delaware; about 8 miles from Fenwick Island. What a nice community! They have single family homes on ¼ acre plots. The houses use a geothermal heating and cooling system and, the claim is that the utility bills are about $75.00 per month. The yearly real estate taxes are $750 for a 1500 sq. ft. house and there is a annual homeowner’s fee of $750.00 to take care of the common ground and pool. Really, really nice selection of homes and nice folks to talk to. Hmmmmm……

Delaware is one of the states with the best rates for taxes and exemptions for retirees. This community also offered boat and RV storage so it is really attractive to us. But, we’re not ready to leave PMC yet.

We heard that there had been flooding here but the park does have electric and water although we can see all of the debris from the storm along the Indian River inlet. There are large trees stripped bare and resting on the handrailing above the rock sides of the inlet. According to the locals, the river overflowed and the ocean met the bay but we really couldn’t see damage in either Bethany or Fenwick Island. The bridge over the inlet is finally finished and it is gorgeous. At night, there are blue spotlights illuminating the “sail-like” span and from a distance it is stunning. From the campground, it is equally lovely. The workers are still on site though removing the old bridge girder by girder; an impressive sight especially given the wind and cold.

This afternoon, while walking along the inlet, we watched a real Coast Guard rescue. A boat containing two fishermen wouldn’t start and the boat was not only drifting out the inlet toward what was an incredibly turbulent ocean, but was up against the rocks along the inlet. The fishermen were trying to keep the boat off the rocks. They were signaling with a horn and we stopped to ask if they wanted help or wanted us to call the Coast Guard station located only about 300 yards away in the marina across the inlet. Bob got onto the rocks in an effort to help keep the boat off the rocks but it was so slippery that he had to come back onto the walkway. The fishermen had called for help from the Sea tow but meanwhile, another boat went for the Coast Guard. The Guard arrived pretty quickly with three young men onboard. They stayed with the boat til the Sea Tow arrived and kept the boat from either drifting out to sea or onto the rocks. Nice young men too!

Then, we went out to the beach where some intrepid, though crazy, young men were surfing! The waves were quite large and I got some good pictures. To top off a nice day, there was an incredible sunset with a brilliant orange/red sky.

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