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We have many friends who spend their winters in the Rio Grande Valley and I thought maybe they would be interested in a comparison between the resort we are in, here in Arizona, and the resort we prefer in the RGV.

So here are some thoughts about the difference between Llano Grande RV Resort in Texas and Gold Canyon RV Resort here in Arizona.

Both are beautiful resorts. The scenery outside the resort is much better here in Arizona, compared to the scenery, or lack of scenery, in the RGV. Both places have palm trees but Arizona also has beautiful mountains surrounding the resort.

The weather in both places is wonderful for a winter location.

The difference in temperature, between day and night, is much greater here in Arizona, with evenings and mornings being much cooler, while the Daytime temps are very nice and comfortable.

In Texas the night temperatures are more comfortable and we often rode our bicycles to resort events, even after dark.

However, the humidity in Arizona is very low compared to the often high, uncomfortable, humidity in Texas.

There is also a difference in the wind, with Texas having a lot more wind than Arizona.

Because of the fine weather, we like to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors. That brings the insects into play and Texas always had some gnats, flies, and mosquitoes. They were sometimes a bother, but here in Arizona we have had nearly a total absence of any bugs at all.

So far it seems to me that Arizona wins out over Texas in the matter of wind, humidity, insects, and scenery.

However, the RV Sites here at this resort are much smaller than the ones at Llano Grande. Here, the RV Sites are all gravel, back-in sites while at Llano Grande, the sites are large pull through sites with some grass on each side. Llano Grande wins this one.

At Llano Grande, the Wi-Fi and cable TV are free while they are available here at Gold Canyon but only at an additional cost.

Another advantage for Llano Grande.

Both places have great road trip opportunities with interesting places to visit. Both have convenient grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping malls.

In Texas we have Mexico and the Ocean nearby while here in Arizona we have the Grand Canyon and many other wonderful “must see” places.

So, I guess that the choice is all in the eyes of the beholder.

Parts of a winter in Texas, at Llano Grande Resort are better than a winter here at Gold Canyon, at least in some aspects, while the Arizona location seems better in other areas.

We love spending time in each of these locations and will leave it up to you to attach more or less importance to the different elements I have written about.

I simply hope that the information is helpful to you in making a decision about where you might like to spend your winter in your RV.

One thing for sure, spending a winter in either location is wonderful

Life is Good!

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