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Ladies' lunchtime drinks

Robin working

Eiffel designed cast iron church in Arica

Eiffel designed Custom House

Paddling in the Pacific

Sunday 11th was a rest day and we had planned to look around Arica and relax by the pool. As it was, I found play in both front wheels when swapping my wheels around (which I do every 2,500 miles to use all five evenly.) Diagnosis of the problem showed that the right hand wheel bearing needed tightening and on the LH side, there was play in the king pin. Unfortunately the latter was on theh lower bearing which does not have an adjuster and needed to be stripped down and new shims fitted. Thank goodness Tim had told me how to do it and I had bought some spare shims in case. This is not a spare that I have previously carried. Paul was amazed at the process of adjustment and had not seen anything like it before. I hope that we got it right :-)

With all the fiddling around on the car, we got into Arica late but had time to refuel and buy water and to see the small cathedral designed out of cast iron by Gustaf Eiffel of tower fame. In 1887 a tsunami had destroyed all the churches in Arica and this was put up in a hurry afterwards.

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