La Gira Andina 2012 travel blog

The church

A painting

Bolivian Dress

Petrol Queue

Funerary Towers

What a Volcano!

Vicunas, Flamingos and a Volcano just short of the border

Does it need a caption?

Into Chile

Chilean Volcanoes

An easy drive out of Oruro and back towards la Paz to pick up the road over the mountains to Chile was mared only by a long and tedious stop to get petrol - nearly one hour of queue!

Once on the road west we were soone greeted by views of distant snow-capped volcanoes. We drove ever closer until passing right round the foot of the first one. Stunning! Even better there was a lake with flamingoes just on the other side and a few grazing vicunas to complete the perfect Bolivian parting photo.

The actual border was at the top of a mountain pas - over 4600m high from which we descended a little to do the formalities. The process of getting our car documents completed was not very slick on the Chilean side, but we did have flamingoes on a lake and another snow-capped volcano to look at while we were waiting, so noone complained.

We stayed high up much longer than expected before a very rapid descent to the hot, desert coastal strip and Arica, our destination for the day. We stopped at 1500m to change the needles in the carburettor - now a slick operation completed in a 15 minute stop - well needed for a leg stretch anyway.

Our hotel was on the ocean front and after checking in we strolled along the road to a lovely restaurant that Edmund had found and enjoyed some excelled sea food, listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks.

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