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Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!

Texas at last! There is a sign when you enter Texas on I-10 that says "Houston 70 miles, El Paso 874 miles" and it never fails to blow my mind that you can drive that far in a straight line on the same road and still be in the same state!

I once met a customer at work that had another one. She lived in Brownsville, TX (the southern tip of Texas), and she said "If you can drive from where I live and be in a different state on the first day, then you are some driver!". She said it in a Texas drawl that doubled the laughs.

I had to come to Texas to get Diesel for $3.46 per gallon. Last time I got diesel in Vermont it was $4.15. It's been getting cheaper and cheaper as we got closer. And I found out that since I used my Kroger Grocery card at the pump I got another $.10 off per gallon!

We are here to spend Thanksgiving with our 2 sons who live here. We are going to have a Texas menu with BBQ beef brisket, smoked sausage, mac and cheese, braised green beans with bacon (!), and baked beans. We'll watch football all day and there are 2 Texas teams playing, at 11 and 3. Could there be a more Texas Thanksgiving than that? But... we'll have the traditional New England apple pie and ice cream for dessert.

Houston is the 4th largest city in the US. It is really big and spread out, and is criss-crossed by an extensive grid of expressways. If you want to go anywhere more than a mile away, you get on one of the expressways. Janet and I have noticed ever since Tampa that the drivers in the Gulf coast area are the worst and most agressive we have seen so far on our trip. They make the Houston expressways a real adventure every time, especially with a big trailer. I have a collection of several videos and books on driving a big 5th wheel and they say to be assertive but not agressive. So far this advice and my array of side-view mirrors has worked well. The F-350 has 4 sideview mirrors, left-right and flat/convex, and the convex mirrors are a life-saver for checking blind spots.

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