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Downtown Kinder. The railroad runs right down Main St!

Sun comes up over the casino

Casino campgrounds are pretty good! Not bad for $18 per night

Good looking RV!

Kinder is just a stopover before we get to Houston. We are staying at a casino, which like many other casinos offers an RV park because it is a way to get people into their casino. The real reason we are here is because it is very cheap and offers full hookups and a laundry, so we can watch some football and get some laundry done.

The campground and the restaurants in the casino are a pleasant surprise. The campground is as good as any we have been at, although it appears to have an 'all business' aura. There are few trees in the campground and there are no children. It is very quiet, although we saw some people watching football outdoors yesterday. There is a 24 hour shuttle bus from the campground to the casino (!!).

We had dinner and watched Sunday Night Football. The food was good. I had an alligator sandwich and Janet has a shrimp po'boy. The casino is not full of tobacco smoke like some we have seen, so we found it tolerable. Neither of us are gamblers although we both have tried it in the past.

Kinder is a very small backwater town, and I think the casino is probably the best thing to happen here since the railroad came through in 1890. If it weren't for the casino there would be no jobs at all.

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