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Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral - the center of the French...

New Orleans pharmacy

Typical NO building

Looking up the Mississippi

Looking down the Mississippi

After more than 2 weeks in Florida we are finally in a different state! The Florida map was getting worn out. Today we spent less than an hour in Alabama (just passed through) and less than 2 hours in Mississippi (also just passing though), and now we are in Louisiana.

The geography of Southern Louisiana is confusing because the river curls around in different directions and there is Lake Pontchartrain, a big tidal pool about 30 miles across. We are staying on the north shore of the lake and New Orleans is on the south shore.

New Orleans is a fun place to visit, but it is one smelly and dirty city! The water table is about a foot below ground level. We walked around the French Quarter for about 3 hours and did a NPS walking tour. Then we did another walking tour that was self guided out of our Lonely Planet 'USA' guidebook, had some bignets and coffee, bought some beads and a T-shirt, and then went to the National WW2 Museum.

The museum is very good. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am a history nut and Janet is a good sport. We both make an effort to go along with stuff that the other one wants to do when we get to a new place and it seems to work for us.

Then we had a supper of gumbo and jambalaya because Janet needed to know what authentic cajun tasted like compared to her cooking, and then came home.

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