Our Trip to Southeast Asia 2012 (Around the World in 27 days) travel blog

Breakfast in Laos before leaving for Cambodia

The pool in Laos

Off on another flight



Sunset at Angkor Wat



Little kids playing at the edge of the reflecting pool

Angkor Wat


Kelly has fun


Our farewell dinner

Sunrise at Angkor Wat







a monkey

Angkor Thom


Tom at Angkor Thom

Mural history














It was very hot and the group was exhausted







Our last look at Angkor Wat

Entry 08 day 8 Nov 3 & 4 (Sat & Sun.) Cambodia Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom

We left Luang Prabang in Laos in the afternoon heading to Siem Reap in Cambodia. We have liked Laos the best of the countries and locations we have visited thus far. It is so much more laid back than Vietnam. Our Vietnam Airlines flight was uneventful and we landed just in time to head out to Angkor Wat for the sunset and the moon rise. These ancient temples are huge.

The next day we continued our visitation to the temples. First to Angkor Thom which is the larger of the land mass areas. We rose early to catch the sunrise and also the moon set. As we walked through the ancient and gigantic buildings, we were told about the intricate murals that adorned the walls. These are the history of the country and the many battles that were fought over the centuries of the various Khmer rulers. The temple at Angkor Thom saw big trees growing right into the temple walls. As we walked through this temple we were introduced to trees that were bigger than the last ones we saw! We returned to our hotel for refreshing showers and a wonderful farewell dinner.

After lunch we went to Angkor Wat and walked through its vast walled, fortress-like structure and up to the highest levels. It is amazing how these buildings were constructed without modern steel infrastructure and have lasted so long. Just rock upon rock with the keystones holding it all together! When we reached the third level, everybody in the group was both exhausted and wilted by the heat, so we returned to the hotel early to freshen up for our flights to various parts of the world. We headed off on Bangkok Air for a few days of relaxation to ready us for our next adventure in Bhutan.

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