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This new adventure involves travelling all by myself. It's kind of scary but I've learned that facing my fears helps me grow and become a stronger person. I guess we'll see how much I like my own company!

For future reference, it stresses me out a lot less to leave for the airport far too early. Mike dropped me off at 4:15 am for my 6:10 am flight. Cutting it that close gives me an ulcer so if you're going with me next time, we're going early :) One must go through US customs if stopping in the US which adds an hour or so to the time needed. I didn't get to the gate until 5:30 am. I know it's plenty of time but I just don't like the stress of watching the clock.

The flight to Miami was spent sandwiched between two large men so I desperately needed to move. I spent a couple of hours wandering around the Miami airport, had some lunch and then thought I'd just sit and read. A man with a dog approached me and asked if I'd mind participating in drug dog training. Cool! As long as we BOTH know you planted those drugs. :)The dog didn't do very well but she was cute and tried hard.

We boarded the plane and at startup it made some funny noises. They made an announcement about some repairs and I thought "yup, it's me. Here we go again." It wasn't the most reassuring flight but we got there and not too late either. Strangely enough, an airplane making weird noises doesn't stress me out nearly as much as being late. Okay, I'm weird.

More standing in line at the Cancun airport made opportunities to talk to some interesting people. A nice Colombian man gave me some great ideas on what to see there. A Mexican man shared some of his insights on his country, his visit to "Ontario" and another young man with no checked luggage was going to do a marathon. We discussed what they do with all the useless forms and what happens if we lie on them? Lots of fun!

Next I changed some money even though I know the airport gives the worst rates and then sought out transportation to the hotel. After a fun conversation with a lady who let me attempt Spanish even though her English was great, I decided to go middle of the road. A taxi gets you there quicker but it's expensive. The bus is cheap but would I be able to find the hotel? So I decided to do the colectivo. That way I got a free tour as he dropped off a bunch of other people before we found mine. I also got to try more Spanish. :) I settled in, got the safe fixed and thought I should find some dinner. It's dark out. Hmmm. I walked around a bit, saw a rat and wasn't sure where I was so decided a granola bar for dinner would do and I'll explore Cancun tomorrow. My mini tour showed me it's still looks like any other tourist city like Niagara Falls, Accapulco and what I imagine Las Vegas would look like. It's wall to wall hotels, nice sidewalks, Hard Rock Cafe....and it even has a Walmart. Yay.

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