The Great Escape / Oct-2012 to Oct-2013 travel blog

Our camper set up in the park at Panama City Beach

We saw mother and fawn about 200 feet from the camper

It turns out these deer are used to people

Just some sand and palms and gulf coast flora

Native girl living in the woods

Sand dunes

More stuff we don't see at home

The view from our back window

The drive to Panama City, Florida from Chiefland reminded me what a big state Florida is. Two days ago we left Tampa which I always think of as midway between north and south. We drove 4 hours to Chiefland which I think is in the middle of nowhere, then 5 hours to Panama City, Florida. We have had 4 travel days since leaving Key West and we are still in Florida, and we have another short travel day to go! We have been in Florida for more than 2 weeks now.

The seacoast north of Tampa is called "Florida's Emerald Coast", a term that I first heard in Chiefland at the Suwanee River. From Chiefland to here in Panama City we went through some very sparsely populated areas including wildlife reserves and forest preserves, and you could hardly tell the difference between the preserves and the privately owned lands!

We are staying in a state park in Panama City Beach, and our campsite is right on the sound between the barrier island we are on and the mainland which is about a mile away. The state park is very pretty with some beaches and wildlife areas. We took a long walk out in the wildlife preserve and got some pictures.

To me the main attraction in Panama City Beach Florida is St. Andrews State Park! It is by far the most beautiful state park that I have ever stayed in. The white sand beaches and protected sand dunes make the shoreline very picturesque. The campsites are in a wooded area with the majority of the sites being right on the water. Yesterday John and I walked the perimeter of the park, about 3 miles, and stopped to take pictures of the deer and shore birds along the way. Perfect park to do a lot of biking.....we might have to think of adding bikes to our house on wheels. ..........Janet

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