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El Salvador

A fleeting visit. A relatively short 6 hr bus ride to San Salvador but we would have happily ridden the Pullman tour coach all day and all night. More mod cons, comfort and free food! Than Ryanair and easy jet put together. Comfy first class reclining seats and movies in englis with headphones. So we were a bit too relaxed and squishy round the edges to hit San Salvador. A major city, hotas you like and at least 7 people taking to you at any one time. 

Taxis were advisable everywhere. We ventured to ' centre historico' but it was a bit Brixton in the eighties so we legged it. Strip mall action and operation sky fall and a very early night!

Big dog breakdown

San Salvador: so many men with m16s roaming the streets. Dodgiest ' historical centre ' ever. 

( suspect there wasn't even a bureau de tourisme)

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