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Magnificent Iguazu Falls

Wednesday 7th November WELCOME TO IGUAZU FALLS

Early start for 7:40 am departure for Iguazu national park and the falls on the Argentinian side with local guide Daniel. Started with a walk and train to Devil's throat the biggest fall. Metal walkways take you above the river to viewing platforms. Truly magnificent and mesmerising sight of the water plunging over the edges, well worth all the effort of getting there.

Back by train then walk to the upper falls. Heat rising to mid 30s. Different views of the nearly 300 falls that make up Iguazu (meaning big water).

Hundreds of butterflies of all colours around. A few birds during the day and a racoon like animals called coatis looking for titbits.

After a lunch stop it was onto the lower falls then 5 of the group including us, took the boat ride known as the great adventure when everyone gets soaked going close to the cascades several times. The crew put on waterproof trousers and jackets, everyone else had swimsuits or didn't mind getting their clothes soaked. Waterproof bags were provided for clothes and life jackets. When everyone was thoroughly wet the boat took us into some rapids down river.

Back on shore we climbed up to the trucks which took us 8km through the forest back to the entrance to the park so we could return to the hotel, shower and dry off.

Thursday 8th November

Heavy rain overnight so a wet departure from the town of Iguazu back across the border to the Brazilian side of the falls. Local entrepreneur selling ponchos for 10 pesos (£1.50)

Graham's bites blistering badly despite cream from pharmacy and some from Roger our Aussie trip mate.

Due to changes to flights into Iguazu we couldn't see this side earlier so we crossed the border twice today back and forth from Argentina to Brazil. Fortunately the driver is well practiced at getting groups across without anyone having to leave the bus, just handing over our passports which now have multiple entrata and salida stamps.

Buses at the entrance to the park take everyone along a forest drive to the walkways down to the falls. More magnificent views of the falls we were walking above and around yesterday but from the other side of the river Iguazu. As we walked closer the thundering roar of the falls on the Brazilian side increased until we were beside and above some of the falls. The spray soaked us once again even though the rain had stopped. A lift at the end of the walkway takes the wet crowds back to the bus area, as with every attraction the gift shops were on the way to the lifts and had to be visited even if only for postcard.

Back to Argentina for a flight from their airport to Buenos Aires with LAN Airlines. Only 32 degrees when we landed next to a huge expanse of water which looks like the sea but is the mouth of the river Plate (Rio Plato)

An evening in Buenos Aires included beers in happy hour (6 -10pm) and a meal of more Argentinian steak.

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