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Essouira, Morocco

I haven’t had a chance to write in a while, so I’ll be doing three entries in a row. A few days ago we arrived in Essouira from Gibraltar. It was a rough passage, so finally being anchored was nice. The town here was pretty cool, but we had to be careful. There was a lot of poverty and we bartered prices in most shops. I was also offered a variety of drugs in a variety of locations around the town, not something I am really use to.

It was my first time in Africa so I thought it fitting to ride a camel. I was with Beasley and Tom, my two bunk mates and we walked along the beach and bartered the price of a 2 hour camel tour from 350 Durham to 260, which is a pretty good price. (about 30 dollars) Our guide was a funny guy who didn’t speak much English, but guided us and used our cameras to take pretty good pictures of us. The camels smelled kind of bad, but still fun to ride.

About an hour into the tour along the dunes of the beach, our guide stopped and told us it was a pee break. The three of us riding hopped off and climbed a dune to go to the bathroom. Upon turning around, we saw that our guide had begun smoking something that didn’t look like a cigarette. Being foreigners, we simply laughed, not knowing exactly how to react.

We got back on our camels and our guide untied them from each other and told us to race them. We would pull the rope around their heads to guide them and call “zi” to make the attempt to gallop. Tom was a natural and took off on his camel, “Butthead.” My camel, “Beavis,” was kind of lazy but still went and a pleasant jog. Beasley’s camel, “Tolken,” however, wouldn’t move. He stayed back until our guide started hitting the camel’s butt with a stick. It was an interesting adventure.

Ps we could also hear the prayers on a loudpeaker be played every few hours.

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