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We are now in Carson City, Nevada. Not too far from where we were in Tahoe, but Lloyd wasn't in a driving frame of mind when we left on the 22nd and even the short drive was tough. It was a lot of downhill and the brakes didn't seem to be working properly. Turns out a couple of wires weren't hooked up on the trailer brakes so the truck was doing all the work. We had the truck brakes worked on and now we'll be ready to go tomorrow, probably. Never know for sure!

There are casinos everywhere - Raley's has a little gambling room. The 7-11 has a slot machine. We went to a little casino last night but it didn't have much to offer. At least there was a fairly good band!

Posted pictures with this entry taken when we went on a gondola ride before we left Tahoe. It was pretty cool. On the way down Lloyd kept everyone entertained by throwing his hands up and yelling "wheeeee" as if we were on a roller coaster or something. Got lots of interesting looks :)

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