Our Trip to Southeast Asia 2012 (Around the World in 27 days) travel blog

A quick look at the beach before breakfast

Wow this is China Beach


The silk shop



for weaving the silk

cocoons floating and being unraveled for the silk thread

The machine that pulls the silk

The clothing part of the shop



A silk rug




A lovely spot along the river


Back to the resort

Lounging on the beach under a full moon


The next morning











A tour of a village




School children

Water buffalo plow the fields

Kelly tried the balance


A small market

Rice: the husks, raw, white







Another flight - to Hanoi

Day 4 & 5 Oct. 29 & 30 (Mon. & Tue.) China Beach at Da Nang

After the long night, out guide relented and did not ask us to get up at the crack of dawn. After a quick visit to the beach after breakfast, we drove to Hoi An where we visited a fabric/clothing shop where a silkworm demonstration took place. Baskets of silkworms and cocoons as well as the machine that unwinds the silk and looms for weaving were on the floor of the shop. It was amazing to see the cocoons floating on water and the immensely long silk thread being pulled from them. You have to see the picture to believe it. Lunch was at a lovely waterfront restaurant. We returned to the Furama Resort for a bit of rest after the long night. After dinner, we got to lounge in the full moon light on China Beach.

We rose early the next day and witnessed a beautiful sunrise over China Beach. There were many people walking on the shore and a group martial artists practicing. After breakfast, we walked through a village and saw the daily life in this country. Later, we went into a farming field where crops are grown year round in this warm and fertile land. Before departing for the airport for our trip to Hanoi, we ate lunch in a very nice Hoi An Restaurant. However, we were able to relax before our flight since Classic Journeys had arranged for a late check-out. Our flight to Hanoi was uneventful unlike the scary attempted landings two days before. The typhoon had gone inland and dissipated.

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