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Antigua. Was described to us as the nicest town in central America. It's true. It really is. Everyone is so friendly. everywhere we go there is a smile and a wave. Literally everyone. So either andy is walking round with his flies undone or it's a by law. 

Mind you if I had an armed policeman at the end of every street too I'd crack a grin. The streets are cobbled and getting around in anything with less suspension than an off road quad bike is likely to render you infertile. We've both got bruised fods from bouncing off mini bus roofs. The buses here are the same as Belize. Old north American school buses. But unlike other countries where they're  left au naturel it seems a bit of a competition here on who can ' pimp their ride' the most. So the locals get around on these monster truck/ trams during Blackpool illuminations buses. ( when they're not on their quad bikes). 

We arrived late after terrible traffic And headed out to a restaurant recommended by pals. It was immense. So immense we stayed up with the owner till 3.30 Needless to say we've been back each night as Andy never turns away a free vino and Andy and hector have only just started putting the world to rights.... If I had a peso everytime Andy says ' meritocracy'......

We hiked/extreme walked  a volcano and visited a coffee plantation( ATD didn't stop twitching for hours after the espresso they gave him) and I'm the owner of a traditional poncho. ( all the rage in Wiltshire)

Minus a million o clock get up for a bus to San Salvador in el Salvador. So we better get to Hector's early......

A&b xxxxxx

Big dog breakdown

Antigua: I wish Hector would stop corrupting me with his

Many bottles of red wine. 

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