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October 31, 2012 – Emporia, Kansas

I slept in again this morning. I didn’t get up until about 10 which is really late for me. I had a little breakfast and then began working on proofreading my earlier posts and then posting them on the blog. I uploaded the pictures which went with those posts and get them all captioned. That took all afternoon.

At 4 I talked to Carl. The switches did not come in so I’m instituting my plan to head for Livingston tomorrow so that I can vote. I’ll leave the keys with him so he can install the new switches when they come in. I’ll stop by Helen’s on my way back so I won’t be back here until Tuesday or Wednesday.

I talked to Patsy tonight, and I’ll plan to meet up with her near Gutherie as I come back.

I emailed my friend Takako who lives in Queens. I really didn’t expect to hear from her right away, but I did. They were some of the lucky ones in Queens. They have electricity and internet access. She said that they had been doing laundry, etc. to keep busy. The UN will re-open tomorrow so she will go back to work. Her daughter’s pre-school also re-opens tomorrow. Her husband will be going back to work on Monday. Her sister-in-law has 5’ of water in her basement, but all of the family escaped with no injuries.

I got things packed and ready to go for tomorrow. I want to be on the road as soon as it gets light.


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