Nice little park, just off the freeway

the little old man who owns the place is a great guy.

our FHU site, it's "snowbird" season.

we saw several RV's come thru on their way to Texas and...

Old Route 66 is the road right in front of the park....

The 154 miles from Lost Valley Resort to Strafford, Mo and Rebecca drove the entire distance. We’ve been to this little Strafford RV Park before, four years ago when we came this way back then. It may not be much to look at but it’s clean, has good strong electricity, and most of all inexpensive. It’s $25.00 per night! We’ll be here for 5 nights to wait for November 1 , to stage ourselves for getting into Branson. There’s a Camping World store across the freeway from the park, we need a few things, so we’ll go there at least once. There are a few seasonal maintenance things to do, such as, clean out air conditioner, tighten up all nuts, bolts and screws outside, check for fatigue points in the frame and super structure, grease the undercarriage. With the good weather we’re having it’ll be prime time to do all these things.

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