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Our nice spot in the Country Manor Mobile Home & RV Park...

With friends Bart & Suzi Grunau

On the road up to Hartland Christian Camp

Golden hills of California

The road winds thru ranches most of the way

Eshom Valley

Big Baldy & Little Baldy - not a clear day, unfortunately

We've arrived at the camp

The wood pit is FULL!!!

Judi & Callie with the welcome bear at Hartland

Looking upstream at the Rainbow Bridge

Looking downstream from the main bridge at Hartland

Main bridge - office on right - coffee shop & hotel on...

Dining Hall & Lower Room meeting room

Front view

Sequoia Chapel

Ladybugs huddle together to keep warm

The gym

The ballfield

Dorm-style cabin area

View from center of camp - beautiful!

Being back in Visalia is a little wierd. It's kinda like we've just been on vacation for awhile. We've visited a couple of our favorite restaurants, had our first doctor visits & tests, & made a trip up to Hartland Christian Camp to see our friends there who were our coworkers during our 13 years there.

Friends Bart & Suzi Grunau who now live in Vancouver, WA, were at Hartland last weekend so Suzi could attend the Quilt Retreat & then they stayed to volunteer as camp sitters while the camp staff went on their annual retreat to Pismo Beach. We were able to meet Bart & Suzi when they left Hartland & were on their way to volunteer at another Christian Camp north of us. We enjoyed a Mexican dinner together & had a good visit. We hope to visit them next spring in Washington on our way to Alaska.

Friday afternoon we drove up to Hartland. The 40 mile trip from Visalia to Hartland that takes 1-1/4 hours to make because of the windy mountain roads was very familiar to us - not much changes in just a year. We noticed lots of good changes at Hartland. The wood pit was full when we left 13 months ago but they've done lots of forest clearing around Hartland & the wood pit is overflowing now. There've been some staff changes since we left but the core group is still there. We stayed for dinner (turkey on Friday!) & had a good visit with them.

This morning we went to church at the Missionary Baptist church we'd been attending the last few years we lived here. It was so good to see our friends there! And Pastor Kevin reminded us of how many ways we experience God's grace & can offer that grace to others.

We've enjoyed our first week here. More later...

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