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Overseas Highway on a bridge looking out over a marina

Overseas Highway

Overseas Highway

Overseas Highway

Overseas Highway - bigger bridge coming up in the distance

Another Off-Season Campground

Seven Mile Bridge from the Campsite Beach

The marina at the campsite

Local guy with a free hat and free beer (thanks Kevin!)

Biker tents and our camper in the way back!

We had to leave the state park because we did not have a reservation for Saturday night. We expected a cancellation to open up but the park is fully booked and there were no cancellations.

We made a last minute move to Marathon, which is half-way down the Keys and just north of the Seven Mile Bridge, which is by far the longest bridge on the Overseas Highway. We watched a documentary video yesterday in which they said the Overseas Highway is 70+ miles by land and 34 miles by bridge. The bridges range from 104 ft to 35,000 ft long. Originally built as a railroad and completed in 1914, it was severely damaged in 1935 by the worst hurricaine ever recorded in the US. It was rebuilt within a few years as a car road and the Overseas Highway was born. They used the original route and bridges, but it started to crumble by 1970. It was completely rebuilt by 1982 as a wide modern highway and all the bridges were replaced. The old bridges are often still standing and running alongside the new ones and they have been adapted as either pedestrian walkways, bicycle bridges, or fishing piers.

Today we went to the beach and do some swimming, snorkeling, and birdwatching. The only sandy beach in the Florida Keys is at Bahia Honda Key State Park. It is gorgeous, with turquois water and beaches straddling the key (island).

Biker Invasion!! We noticed there were many, many tents set up across the driveway from us. On Sunday evening 200 Bikers decended onto the campground!! It's a biker tour of the Florida Keys! No, not those kind of bikers! Bicyclers! Looks like this is where retired bikers go on vacation. Like us, they are headed to Key West next, but I didn't ask what campground they would be using!

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