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Sunset Lodge

Pool area

looking back from the ocean

Atlantic Ocean



Sunset Lodge at night



river and beach converge

Banjul Airport

Got to Freetown Airport and was quizzed by about 4 people because I hadn't printed out my ticket! A bit difficult as I explained when most of their cafe don't have printing facilities and the connections are all crap - then did I have a visa for Gambia - no - don't need one...took about an hour but patience paid off and finally given a boarding slip..phew!

Arik Air small but reasonable plane first come for seats which was OK as it was no where near full.

Banjul Airport - no problem here except for the fact that as I suspected my onward flight was non-existent - VK Air Nigeria had gone out of business back in September - I had booked into a place for one night so decided not to panic, go to my hotel see what it was like and make a decision about onward flights at leisure. Turned out to be a resort right on the beach with a nice swimming pool and pleasant outdoor eating areas. Settled in and enjoyed some private space.

Decided to stay for an extra day so headed into town to the Arik Air office to book a flight. Got there and sat for about 30 mins before being spoken to finally got to speak to some one and she took the details gave me a bit of paper and sent me to a cashier waited again... no credit card facilities. Bear in mind this is their main office in the country so had to find a bank where I queued yet again and then got sent to a different queue did all the paperwork then back to the original queue to get the cash...back to the airline office and finally I had a ticket and it had all only taken about 2 hours.

I spent the rest of the day firstly trying to get an Internet connection to download a book or two -and then lying on the beach and around the pool relaxing.

Flight to Dakar was uneventful it took about half an hour much less time than it took to get the ticket in the first place - finally got to show my yellow fever inoculation document at Dakar Airport and a couple of Americans who didn't have theirs on them got taken away not sure what happened with them. I had to kill about 10.hours in Dakar and had no urge to see any more of the city so I got a taxi to the hotel I had been booked into and not used and asked to spend the time in their lobby which they didn't seem to mind - it was much more comfortable than the airport and much cleaner and quieter and they gave me a free shuttle back to the airport when the time came. Glad I hadn't stayed the airport is not the most efficient I have used. It took 45 mins of queing to get through customs. My Iberia flight like the one to Dakar originally was very ordinary - they have no music or video available and this was a 6 hour flight did get a small snack when we got on, but we stopped somewhere and the people who boarded there got not even a glass of water.

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