Our summer 2012 RV trip to Michigan travel blog

The GPS tracking us on US 50

Pretty lonely road

Coming out of the Toiyake Range on the east side of Austin...


It just gets lonelier

The Desatoya Mountains

And another valley

Close to Fallon NV it’s a desert

But we get to I-80 and we decided to press on to...

Major construction and we followed the truck route and it was a...

Welcome home, 7387 miles and 3 months later.

The stamped map from our survival kit

And our certificates

For many miles we saw little but the road and the desert. But all whole bunch of Camping World rental Class C’s passed us at one point going east.

Our friend, Sally warned us about the Toiyake Range outside of Austin NV. The road is a little scary as it winds through the mountains and she was driving their RV at the time. She was able to pull over at the top and let Mike drive. In the course of 14 miles you climb 1400 feet and then descend 1600 feet on a 2 lane road with hairpin curves and no guard rails.

In Fallon NV we got our last stamp. The certificates say: “Congratulations. It’s my great pleasure to welcome you as the newest member of a select group of hardy explorers, who have completed the journey across Highway 50 in Nevada, ‘The Loneliest Road in America’. From this day forward, you may revel in the knowledge that you have shown uncommon fortitude and courage by facing the unknown without flinching. Your thirst for adventure has catapulted you into the ranks of those who proudly proclaim they are true Highway 50 Survivors. Fortes fortuna adiuvat! “ And it’s signed by Brian Sandoval, Governor

Our original plan was to stop in Nevada at Terrible’s RV Park, but we were having a little trouble with the dining room slide so we decided to press on to Sacramento. It was only another 2 hours, the traffic was light and we got to Cal Expo RV Park at 3:15 PM. It’s was nice to be home.

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