9months4continents2012with Di travel blog

another hairdressing salon


taxi service


the kids still use slates at school so giving pencils is useless

vultures cleaning up the street



market women

Labe market

Labe market

road into our accomodation - Hotel Tata

tents teady

solar power is essential and a generator electricity supplies are spasmadoc at...

the M&S bush (marks and sparks) Bev did her washing!

storm arriving

Hotel Tata


on Aminah

the weavers of Pita




checking our fabric

Inga and I checking our purchase

the fabric looks like its black and white but this is the...

young but lucky to have a job

Will and Holly

Amina - like our truck

Graeme and Bev eating rice and beans or chicken the stsple diet

this is where we ate

Davey sleeps on the truck

time to get up

down he comes

a common site - they must think our roof space is wasted

Jody and Bev eating greasy egg on bread for breakfast


at Kinkon falls

Kinkon falls


hands free

selling their wares


this amused Bev it is not a hat


some flat land = soccer pitch



the inside of our taxi

view from our hotel in Dalaba





cool mud flaps

local meeting house

hot and wet at Chutes de Ditinn

80m straight down the Chutes de Dintinn

Sally climbing up from the bottom

around the Chutes

Jody heading back up

Dave getting wet



locals on the road

Holly and Jody with our 50c lunch

Will, Inga & Jody


getting ready for the Tabaski celebration



Hotel del Fouta - 1936




Mamau - shopping stop


Wilma and Sally



lots of the men wanted thwir photos taken

Mike and Ken can always find food


hands free!

Graeme and Ant with their followers


good fresh vege

sooo cute


Voile de la Mariee

Ahhhhh! Bev drowning some ants


bath time

the hut looks ok on the outside but the toilet was pretty...



the only way to go

and Bev still looks elegant

heading to the waterfall

across the river

The countryside in the highlands is just beautiful. We saw a few fire trees and I hope my pictures do them justice. As we passed through the villages everyone was dressed in their best with hair braided it was the Muslim festival of Tabaski. Cook group shopping is often a highlight but this time we couldn't find much in the big market we stopped at in Mamou - then a few kms later came across some roadside stalls with great fresh veges and fruit. Our camp at a place called Voile de la Marie (Bridal Veil Falls) was one of the best just a short walk to the falls and a large pool not very deep but perfect for a swim and a wash. There were huts which had unfortunately been allowed to fall into disrepair - no tourists - no upkeep - once again we were allocated one toilet for 17 people with a buck to flush still we had a camp fire and our wonderful Chris baked a cake in the camp oven - then to bed. Jody and I chose to put our fly on our tent even tho it is cooler without it and boy were we glad - about midnight the heavens opened and we had some of the heaviest rain yet our tent did drip but only a little so just put a towel under it and enjoyed the slightly cooler air. Others were not so fortunate and the sound of tent pegs being madly hammered in could be heard over the thunder and rain.

On the way to the waterfall were lots of inch ants and if you stood still or more than a couple of seconds they were on your feet and up your legs - both Chris and Bev got bitten and one of the funniest pictures I have imprinted on my brain is Bev running into the water and sitting in it fully dressed while, Chris had her pants at half mast while Graeme removed the ants.

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