Our Trip to Southeast Asia 2012 (Around the World in 27 days) travel blog

A schoolplays music early in the morning



The Cathedral

The post office

Bride & Groom jump for joy

They shoot the pictures early to avoid all the time on the...

Our group and our bus

Banana leaf

boarding our boat

on the boat


Anne's ride


Along the way

walking to the fruit grove

fruit snack


our return trip by boat

our boatman

lunch - a whole fish


dinner with music


We began early (8 AM) and headed in the bus to the Mekong River Delta but as we traveled through Saigon, we got to visit some local attractions such as the Eiffel-designed post office which is across from the Catholic Cathedral. There were lots of brides and grooms posing for pictures (in advance of their weddings).

A river cruise in a long-tail boat (an outboard made of a car engine with a very long, almost horizontal shaft) brought us to a landing where bicycles were waiting for us to tour along flat, low-trafficked roads and narrow wooded lanes. Anne chose to ride behind our guide Mai who rode behind on a motor scooter and zipped up to the lead to check on our progress. We stopped at a fruit grove where we sampled the produce in a pre-lunch. Half the group walked and the other half were poled down a narrow canal. We reversed on the return and watched out skilled boatmen sink up to their knees in the mud as they pushed out dugout canoes down the low-water waterway. Lunch was in a private home with Vietnamese delicacies served by the family. Now, you will probably think that all we do is eat, since we had a great dinner that night in an authentic Vietnamese restaurant with music provided by a trio using Vietnamese instruments. However, we began to have a bit of a worry when the weather forecast predicted a typhoon was heading our way.

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